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2010/03/08 鮪魚更新無名了!美少女時代-讓世界更萌更可愛!! 2010/03/08 Wei Yu Updates his Wretch! Mei Shao Nu Shi Dai – Makes the World A Whole Lot Cuter!!




Translation: Big News! Big News!

I believe that recently you have all seem a show called *Mei Shao Nu Shi Dai* on Channel V
Now, I, Wei Yu~is hosting this show with Brother Hei Ren and Huang Jing Lun.

裡頭是13~18歲的美少女們的甜美 可愛 以及她們的 搞笑 無厘頭




晚上10點  *美少女時代*

Translation: It’s about 13-18 aged girls who are sweet, cute and funny

and in this show, you will see a very different me~

You can all get to know what 13-18 year old girls like to do

Want to know more about *Mei Shao Nu Shi Dai*?

Please remember
From Monday to Friday
At 10pm, *Mei Shao Nu Shi Dai*

For More Info, Please go to:


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